About us

Top-quality products from stock

As one of the leading stockists of copper-alloy products in Germany and Europe, CARO-PROMETA Metallvertriebs GmbH stands for top quality, reliability and service.

With more than 90 years' experience in copper, we specialise in the development and distribution of semi-finished and finished products in copper alloys. At both our Düsseldorf and Wendelstein locations, we have approx. 50 qualified employees supporting you from product design stage as well as ensuring optimum functioning and cost-effective manufacturing of your products. By using state-of-the art warehouse logistics as well as investing in high-performance automated band saws and circular saws, we also guarantee our customers optimum cutting service and very short delivery times.

Our mission statement is focused on customer satisfaction. In accordance with a comprehensive quality management system (ISO 9001:2015) objectives such as delivery reliability and pricing are constantly being assessed.

We offer our customers ...

  • Cooperation based on partnership
  • One-off production for specific customer requirements
  • From the semi-finished product to the ready-to-fit component – quality from a single source
  • Know-how and experience from more than 90 years of working with copper
  • History

    1926: Founded by the merchant, Robert CARO as “SPEZIALBRONZE GMBH“. Later at the Carowerk (see photo), Mr. Georg Bühler developed a process which made it possible to manufacture various slide bearing materials through cold forming into thin-walled tubes. Building on this process has enabled the manufacture of CAROBRONZE to date which is still unsurpassed as a material for slide bearings in the high-performance sectors.

    1928: Registration of the name "Caro" as a trademark

    1961: Merger of Enzesfelder Metallwerke AG and Carowerk GmbH into Enzesfeld-Caro Metallwerke AG as well as moving production to Enzesfeld

    1962: Foundation of Prometa Metall GmbH by J. G. Schwietzke Metallwerke GmbH

    1985: Extension of the product programme through the sale of copper and copper-alloy products from Buntmetall Amstetten GmbH

    1989: Founding of the holding company AUSTRIA BUNTMETALL

    1994: Takeover of Prometa Metall GmbH by the AUSTRIA BUNTMETALL Group

    1996: Merger of CAROBRONZE GmbH and Prometa Metall GmbH to form CARO-PROMETA Metallvertriebs GmbH

    1999: Takeover of the ABM Group by Wieland-Werke AG

    2003: Foundation of the CARO-PROMETA die casting technology centre

    2011: Commissioning of the bridge storage in Wendelstein

    2014: Commissioning of the honeycomb storage in Düsseldorf

  • Vision and guidelines

    Service and know-how
    As a stockist and service provider in the field of non-ferrous metals, we promote the ongoing development of high-performance copper alloys and components in partnership and cooperation with our customers and suppliers. With a high level of flexibility, we adjust our products and processes to the requirements of our customers.

    Employees and standards
    As an integral part of the Wieland Group, we have high expectations of our workforce and actively encourage their advancement within an entrepreneurial performance culture. Respect and trust are the basis for a high level of self-reliance. Sharing in the company profit as well as training promote both motivation and performance of our employees. We adhere to social standards, particularly with regard to human rights (condemnation of forced and child labour), equal treatment, fair pay as well as occupational health and safety, and also expect this from our suppliers and customers. The economical use of natural resources is important to us. Therefore, all affiliated companies have efficient environmental management systems in place. We also ensure free and fair competition on the basis of our compliance guidelines.

  • Quality

    Long-term success
    In order to safeguard jobs and to make investments, our business processes are focused on sustainability as well as on the long-term success of the company.

    Continuous improvement
    Our daily task is to adjust our processes and services to the constantly changing market and customer requirements. Decisive for this are the continuous improvement and optimisation of our systems and products.

    Customer support
    It is our aim to offer efficient problem solutions and to implement them together with the customers. This requires above all a high level of flexibility as well as a continuous focus on the expectations and needs of our customers.

    Employee motivation
    We focus on a high level of motivation, continuous satisfaction of every employee as well as individual freedom. We offer continuous training which not only promotes quality and environmental awareness but also the personal development of our employees.

    We are committed to using energy and resources economically. Environmental pollutions such as emissions and other waste have to be prevented.

  • Basic data
    Locations Sales of semi-finished products
    CARO-PROMETA Metallvertriebs GmbH
    Am Schüttenhof 5
    D-40472 Düsseldorf
    Sales of finished parts/die casting products
    CARO-PROMETA Metallvertriebs GmbH
    Wilhelm-Maisel-Str. 20a
    D-90530 Wendelstein
    Employees approx. 50 employees
    Tax ID number DE 136 706 058
    Trade register Amtsgericht Düsseldorf, HRB33698
    Managing directors Horst Hefele | Henning Winterstein
    Fiscal year 17/18 Sales quantity: 4,300 tons
    Sales: 50 million euros
    Certification ISO9001:2015