CARO®SHOT SLEEVE - shot sleeve system

In high-performance materials for longer lifetime

  • multiple lifetime extension of the shot sleeve
  • Simple assembling and dismantling without mould changing


  • There are no cracks since there is no direct heat drilling especially during the reworking
  • Thermal distortions are eliminated due to structural adjustments
  • Very short production interruptions due to quick sleeve change at the machine
  • Simple indirect tempering of the problem areas at the filling point
  • Shot sleeve may also be reworked


  • Quick-change sleeve at the filling point
  • Special heat treatment
  • Selection of high-quality materials for different aluminum alloys


  • Service center for the reworking of shot sleeve and assembling
  • Advisory service, process development and construction
  • System provider for die-casting technology e.g. die-casting plunger tips, plunger rods, quick-coupling systems, vacuum-casting systems for structural casting and magnesium-casting systems etc.
  • Product video