CARO®MAG - magnesium system plunger tip

Optimizes your magnesium die-casting on vacuum or conventional die-casting machines

  • Developed for magnesium and structural casting
  • Plunger-tip concept for the protection of the shot sleeves
  • Extremely high lifetime


  • Highest evacuation grades without additional sealing of the shot sleeve or plunger rod
  • No system-related maintenance times or lifetime
  • Applicable on horizontal cold chamber die-casting machines (production of structural die-casting components possible)
  • Applicable on vacuum machines
  • Regular shot chamber usable

Minimum system requirements

  • Sealed mould
  • Evacuation via mould / shot sleeve
  • Simple assembling

Constructive advantages

  • Optimum cooling performance and no leakage of lubricant
  • Patented sealing system (automatic adaption of the sealing rings)
  • Highest evacuation levels are achieved
  • Long lifetime due to tribological favourable material matching shot sleeve/plunger tip, sealing surfaces are protected from wear by a special pressure ring
  • Economic efficiency due to replaceable wear parts


  • Service center for plunger tip reworking and assembling
  • Advisory service, process development and construction
  • Comprehensive stock
  • Product video